Tata steel: CMP 332

Tata steel made a low of around 30 on 2001
and then it was started its upward journey 
and that up move got finished at 956 level
on 2008 before the the recession and then 
after it came down till 135 level within 
short time period and after hitting 135 it didn't revisited that level and see the wave 
pattern it seems like some type of correction is going on

According to eloit wave theory it must be some kind of impulse was completed at 956
which may be wave 1 or 3 and from there it
is in correction phase and within correction it may be completed its bigger wave "A"and currently 
in bigger wave B and within this wave B it has already completed small a and b was almost completed or near to complete  now c to come which must have to cross the top of wave a and after that it will fall below the bigger  A to complete bigger wave C

CONCLUSION:   Tata steel completed first impulse at 956 which    must probably wave 1 and  now in  correction and with in  correction  now it have to show above 740 levels to complete its      inner wave    c  as explained above 

 So, now tata steel can be brought at these levels and until 200 levels keeping 135 as stop-loss and can expect a target of above 740 within 3-5 year

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