Jet airways:

jet airways achieved its 540 on 2014 December and from there went again went to 250 levels and from there on it again started its upward journey and achieved 800 levels which is life time high till now
it must be wave 1 completed at 540 and from there it may be wave which went to the levels of 250 and from there it may may wave started which still in progress 
Within wave 3 it looks like it may already completed its wave 1,2,3,4 and it has now currently in wave 5 of bigger wave 3 to cross at least 800 levels


AS explained above currently jet airway is at a good risk reward range one can buy jet airway at current price for at least 6mnts to 1 year view and can expect minimum target of above 800 levels with the stop loss below the start of inner wave 5 which  lies around 400-450 levels

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